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Every time somewhere beloved closes on Carson Street, the detractors say that South Side isn't like it used to be. It's not cool anymore. And then something new and unexpected pops up to take its place, and life continues.

South Side has seen an influx of new Latin American restaurants in recent years that have not only survived the pandemic but expanded to open second locations, like The Colombian Spot, or food trucks, like Cilantro & Ajo. This casual Venezuelan spot one block over from the Tenth Street Bridge takes its name from the cilantro and garlic sauce that accompanies their empanadas, arepas, parrillas and more.

This place has a few different arepas -- hearty corn meal patties stuffed with tender meat, cheese, plantains, avocado, or beans. If you can dream it, you can stuff it inside an arepa.  

One stands out among the rest: "La Maracucha," the one "from Maracaibo," is a deep-fried arepa split in two then filled with shredded pork, avocado, cilantro/garlic sauce, and fried cheese. It's filling, flavorful, affordable, and finger-licking good. It's just the type of sammich we want to spotlight with our #PIsammichOTW.

Cilantro & Ajo food truck in South Side takes the first Sammich Of The Week for Pittsburgh Independent with La Maracucha. Find it at 901 E. Carson St.
Dame La Maracucha
  • #PIsammichOTW: La Maracucha
  • Location: Cilantro & Ajo. (Also available at the Cilantro & Ajo food truck.)
  • Address: 901 East Carson Street, South Side.
  • Cost: $7.99
  • Menu Description: "A deep fried arepa filled with fried cheese, roasted pork, avocado, and cilantro and garlic sauce."
  • Vegan alternative: The "vegana" is made with black beans, sweet plantain, and avocado, for $6.99.