Gaadge (rhymes with badge) spent last year playing bills alongside very fine rock bands in Pittsburgh: Gotobeds, Century III, and their labelmates Silver Car Crash, to name a few. They released a split with Ex Pilots, and they fine-tuned their sound for new album, Somewhere Down Below.

Their third album to date, it's a blast of "noise rock-shoegaze fusion" and available this Friday, August 4 on Crafted Sounds (Hellbender vinyl/digital) and Michi Tapes (cassette). Catch them at the album release show at Bottlerocket August 5, with Gina Gory, Gundy, and Find My Friends--the new side project of Sebastian from feeble little horse. There's also an online listening party of the whole album 8pm Wednesday.

Here, for the first time, is "Candy-Colored," the tasty, bite-sized new single from Gaadge.